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You know the amazing who singlehandedly created a nearly-FOSS userland modem firmware for the #pinephone and #pinephonepro ? He supports the community, is incredibly stubborn, err, persistent, in the face of a weird modem and regularly improves the firmware. You can even tell your phone modem to remind you to buy milk now via SMS. He likes coffee and we think he deserves some as a token of gratitude 😍! Pour him one ☕

Sapete come si fa a vedere un utente twitter da Mastodon?

@kop316 how long last battery after a full charge on l5? im really intrigued to buy one

I'd like load APIs from site
if you can give it a look

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Ho disperatamente bisogno di qualcuno che gestisca questa istanza

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@kop316 i have pinephone too, i have a pinephone more, do you think have i to sell it? a collegue at my workplace asked to buy it

@kop316 hi kop316 im 1e on matrix to mobian and mobian OT channels

@mastodon pensavo gli hastag fossero collegati, con il tasto ricerca, posso trovare utenti di altre istanze, così pensavo lo stesso per gli hastags

@mastodon perchè non la vedo? ogni hastag non è collegato su tutta la rete di Mastodon?

@lupyuen hi, i read something about pinephone pro, that it allow use of android, is it a fake? so i suppose fastboot and adb use. Or its just use of GloDroid?

vorrei che fosse presente qui su mastodon con hastag

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